Friday 18 September 2020

The Holy Place (chapbook), Launch and Reviews

Publication of 'The Holy Place' by John Dotson and Caroline Gill



The Holy Place Launch Reading, 2012: co-author John Dotson,
publisher Peter Thabit Jones and me, Dylan Thomas Birthplace, Swansea


Reviews of Caroline's Poetry

“Caroline Gill’s poems are written with an unerring sense of appropriate form. This makes her perception of landscapes and seas emerge all the more powerfully, as she explores places in people and people in places, the ‘rocks and stones and trees’ of Wordsworth’s poem. The effect is that of an enquiring, exciting mind, disciplined and accurate, yet also open to the magical and mysterious that lies just beneath the surface.” 

Professor J. R. Watson, University of Durham, 2012


“Caroline has eighteen poems in a chapbook, 'The Holy Place' ... I really enjoyed reading them and am sure you will too."  

Ronnie Goodyer, Editor of Indigo Dreams Publishing, in 'Reach Poetry', #170, 2012


“I would like to single out the way [Caroline] uses Scottish vocabulary so effectively in a poem called 'The Ceilidh House', which gives a very strong impression of storytelling on Skye ... Complex but clear, Caroline Gill's writing is never wrongfooted."

Sally Evans, Editor of Poetry Scotland, 2013 

There is rhyming musicality ... in Caroline Gill's pièce de résistance, 'Rhossili: Writing the Worm', a magnificent 8-verse poem ... This elegant poem is so very finely crafted and it virtually 'sings' throughout its 8-verse setting ... Here indeed is a fascinating joint-collection ['The Holy Place']."

Bernard Jackson, Reviews Editor for Quantum Leap, #69, 2013  


“Caroline is a bit of a rarity these days in that she writes formal poetry and writes it well."

Juliet Wilson, Editor of 'Bolts of Silk', Blogger at 'Crafty Green Poet', 2013

“The best poems here [in Caroline's half] are when she combines this close observation of nature with a keen sensitivity to the history and landscape of Wales (and sometimes further afield). 'Preseli Blue', for example, eulogises “the stone that sings of hiraeth” in 16 well-honed lines, while 'Rhossili: Writing The Worm', is the highlight, metrically-surefooted and musical ..."

Matt Merritt, Blogger at 'Polyolbion', 7 April 2013  

“For anyone who has a close involvement and appreciation of nature, place and history, this is an inspiring collection."

Ian Griffiths, Editor of 'Twelve Rivers', publication of The Suffolk Poetry Society, 2013


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