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Published Poetry and CV (2022)

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Details of my first full poetry collection, Driftwood by Starlight (The Seventh Quarry Press, 2021), can be found here

2022 NEWS 

My entry for the Hedgehog Poetry Press 'Wee Collection Challenge' has won First Prize, and will be published in 2023.


Details of my poetry publications and a summary of my poetry awards can be found here

2012: The Holy Place, Launch and Reviews - here 

To buy a copy of The Holy Place (£3.50 for UK), please press the CONTACT bar here.


Details of poems published in 2021 can be found here.  

2020 Poetry Summary - here
2019 Poetry Summary - here
2018 Poetry Summary -

2017 Poetry Summary -

2016 Poetry Summary -

2015 Poetry Summary -

2014 Poetry Summary -

2013 Poetry Summary -

2012 Poetry Summary -

2011 Poetry Summary -

Awards, Photography, Art and older CV items - here 



September 2022

  • 'Navigating Knapdale' [26-2022] has been published in Reach Poetry (Indigo Dreams Publishing) in response to Ronnie Goodyer's Terza rima sonnet challenge.
  • Part One of my Poetry Mini Interview has been posted. The interview has been conducted in five parts by Thomas Whyte.
  • 'Stars in Suburbia' [27-2022] has been published on Lidia Chiarelli's Lights for the City site which commemorates her father, Guido Chiarelli (1902-1982) on the 120th anniversary of his birth. Guido Chiarelli is celebrated as the man who illuminated Turin with his futuristic designs in the 1950s and 1960s.
 August 2022
  • My poem, 'Invitation' [15-2022], is up on Instagram (here as a video) as part of the Festival of Suffolk. Members of Suffolk Poetry Society are reading their Festival poems during August. 

July 2022

  • My review of Where Shadows Stir by Byron Beynon has been published in The Seventh Quarry (Summer/Autumn 2022). You can buy the collection here.

June 2022

  • A review by Dilys Wood of Driftwood by Starlight has been published in Artemis (Second Light journal). 
  • My poem, 'The Border' [20-2022], has been published in the anthology, Hope for Ukraine (Tim Saunders Publications, 2022). All the proceeds from the sale of the anthology are being donated to the Sunflower of Peace Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to helping Ukrainians affected by the horrific invasion.

May 2022

  • My poem, 'Basking Shark Blues' [10-2021], has been accepted for publication in the second IDP anthology of Voices for the Silent.
  • My poem, 'Blubber, Fin and Tails' [13-2022], has been selected by Hannah Ellis and Mab Jones for the 'Love the Words' #DylanDay 2022 international eBook - here
  • Another #DylanDay poem, 'Tide Notes' [16-2022], has been included in Lidia Chiarelli's 2022 presentation - here (and scroll down to the seventh piece).
  • I read 'Isabella Tiger Moth Greets the Woolly Bear Caterpillar' [42-2009] on the ACW TRELLIS Zoom, 14 May, on the theme of 'change'. The poem is in my collection, Driftwood by Starlight
  • My poem, 'To a Roman Mouse from Vindolanda[15-2021], published in Metverse Muse #967-69, has won me Joint First Prize with Catherine Lee in Category A of the Metverse Muse Fixed Form (Shakespearean Sonnet) Contest. 
  • Not a poem, but my Redwing photograph features on the cover of The Gloucester Fragments (Littoral Press), a new collection by Neil Leadbeater.  
  • My poem, 'The Border' [20-2022], has been accepted for publication in the Hope for Ukraine anthology,to be published by Tim Saunders.

April 2022

  • My poem, 'Leaf-cutter Bee' [20-2020], has been published in Reach Poetry #282 (Indigo Dreams Publishing) for April 2022.

March 2022

  • My poem, 'Et in terra pax' [25-2017], was recorded for UCB Radio (Ireland). 
  • 'Tide Notes' [16-2022] was published for #DylanDay 2022 on Lidia Chiarelli's site here (it is the sixth picture-poem on the page).

February 2022

  • My entry for the November 2021 Hedgehog Poetry Press 'Wee Collection Challenge' has won First Prize, and will be published. 
  • My poem, 'A Tale of Two Owls' [29-2015], has been published in #280 of Reach Poetry (Indigo Dreams Publishing).  
  • 19th February. I read 'Dunwich in Winter' [28-2020]  from Driftwood by Starlight at the ACW Trellis online poetry day.

January 2022

Friday, 16 September 2022

'Driftwood by Starlight' (The Seventh Quarry Press, 2021): Update of 2022 Reviews, Mentions etc.


Driftwood by Starlight Launch Day, 3 August 2021

Driftwood by Starlight 

Copies can be bought here (£6.99/$10).


  1. August 2021 - review by Juliet Wilson on The Crafty Green Poet site, here.  
  2. Tracey Foster, whose review on Everybody's Reviewing was arranged by Dr Jonathan Taylor, Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Leicester - here 
  3. Neil Leadbeater on the Write Out Loud site - here
  4. Neil Leadbeater in Littoral magazine #8 (ed. Mervyn Linford) - here.  
  5. James Knox Whittet in Twelve Rivers (Vol.12, issue 2, Autumn/Winter2021). Twelve Rivers is the magazine of Suffolk Poetry Society. 
  6. D.A. Prince in Orbis #198, Winter 2021 (Review title, 'Stones, Sea and Sky', p.57).
  7. Richenda Milton-Daws in the ArtServe magazine, Winter 2021. 
  8. Jessica Newport in The Seventh Quarry magazine, Winter/Spring 2022.  
  9. Dilys Wood in in Artemis poetry #28 (Second Light journal).

Q and A Interviews

  1. Questions from Maria Lloyd (@mariatlloyd) at the University of Reading about the collection. Links to the Q&As can be found here.
  2. Sue Wallace-Shaddad, Secretary of Suffolk Poetry Society, In Conversation, Twelve Rivers (Vol.12, issue 2, Autumn/Winter2021). Twelve Rivers is the magazine of Suffolk Poetry Society. 
  3. Poetry Mini Interview in five parts, conducted by Thomas Whyte. Part One has been posted and can be found here


Online Features

  1. July 2021 - Writers' Online Showcase section, here.  
  2. Creative Writing at Leicester blog, arranged by Dr Jonathan Taylor, Associate Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Leicester - here.  
  3. Poetry Blog Digest on Via Negativa (Dave Bonta) - here. 
  4. 23 November 2021 - Newcastle University News - here. 'Alumna Publishes First Poetry Collection, Driftwood by Starlight.'  
  5. May 2022 - Walthamstow Hall magazine


Others Mentions and Listings

  1. 31 July 2021 - The Poetry Society, Members' e-bulletin. 
  2. 27 July 2021 - The Poetry School, e-newsletter. 
  3. 12 July 2021 - ACW eNews, bulletin #27
  4. September 2021 - In Touch (Suffolk community magazine). 
  5. Autumn 2021 - Star Tips #143 (with sample poem)  
  6. Autumn 2021 - ARTEMISpoetry #27
  7. December 2021 - Exeter University: Celebrating our Alumni Authors


  1. 3 August 2021 - Online launch and reading, with Peter Thabit Jones of The Seventh Quarry Press and guest readers, Susan Richardson, Jean Salkilld and David Gill reading their own work. 
  2. 7 October 2021 - Suffolk Poetry Society National Poetry Day event in Ipswich Library, Suffolk, UK. Three poems from the collection were included in, and read out on my behalf, as part of an event on the theme of 'Choice'.  
  3. 19 February 2022 - ACW Online Poetry Day. I read 'Dunwich in Winter'. 

Matthew Stewart's 'Best Poetry Blogs of the Year' 2021 List

  1.  14 December 2021 - I was to be included in the list on account of my posts about Driftwood by Starlight.

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Publications and Prizes (Update of 2022)


Poetry Publications

  • 2020    Driftwood by Starlight (The Seventh Quarry Press), first full collection. 
  • 2012    The Holy Place (The Seventh Quarry Press, Wales, in conjunction with Cross-Cultural Communications, New York), Poet to Poet chapbook, shared with John Dotson. 
  • 2023   Polar Corona (Hedgehog Poetry Press), a slim prize-winning pamphlet, forthcoming.


Summary of Main Prizes and Awards

  • 2022    First Prize: Hedgehog Poetry Press ‘Wee Collection’ Challenge.
  • 2017    Third Prize: Milestones Competition, judged by Brian Patten.
  • 2014    Overall Winner: ZSL Poetry Competition on the theme of ‘Conservation’.
  • 2009    Third Prize: Haddon Library ‘Cambridge University 800’ Poetry Competition.
  • 2007    Overall Winner: Petra Kenney Poetry Prize (£1000).*
  • 2005    First Prize, Adult Section: Ottakar/Faber Carmarthen Store Poetry Competition. 
  • 2005    First Prize: Writing Magazine Ottava Rima Competition.
  • 1972    Overall Winner: Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival Grove Poetry Trophy (aged 11).


* judged by Michael Schmidt, John Whitworth, Alison Chisholm and Morgan Kenney.