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Poetry Summary (2018)


December 2018
  • My Poetry and Writing blog receives a mention in Matthew Stewart's Rogue Strands list of Best UK Poetry Blogs for 2018.  
  • 'Land of the Wandering Snail' [27/2017] has been published in Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust Adult Education Series 5 (2018): Ripples and Reflections, Leiston Press Ltd.  
  • Three short poems have been published in Star Tips for Writers #128 (2018/No.6) ed. Wendy Webb. The poems are: (cherita) rejoice for our silent trees [40/2018], Under a Star (Magi poem) [41/2018], and Three Cliffs Bay (Magi poem) [42/2018]
  • 'The Ceilidh House' [47/2009] has been published online in Quill and Parchment for December - here.  
  • 'Esto perpetua (May it last for ever)' [37/2018] was published by Ronnie Goodyer of Indigo Dreams Publishing for Reach Poetry #243.  
November 2018
  • Sole judge for local poetry competition, 'Remembrance 100'. I hosted our local 'Remembrance 100' Poetry Prize-giving afternoon of readings.
  • I read from Towards the light: Poems of reconciliation at Quay Place in Ipswich on 8 November (flyer below), and on Saturday 10 November at The Minories in Colchester.  
  • Poetry in Aldeburgh: I attended two workshops, 'The 3 Ps of Getting Published' by Helena Nelson of HappenStance Press and 'Writing the Dangerous and the Wild' led by Pascale Petit.   
October 2018
  • My competition entry was one of nine submissions to make the Shortlist of the Indigo Dreams Publishing competition for first full collections. Congratulations to the authors of the two winning collections, Ben Gwalchmai and Zoe Mitchell.  
  • 'A Brush with Nature' [20/2015] published by Ronnie Goodyer of Indigo Dreams Publishing for Reach Poetry #241.
  • Two poems, [35/2018] and [37/2018], accepted for Reach Poetry, Indigo Dreams Publishing
  • Attended an excellent poetry workshop on the theme of 'Poet in the Landscape', arranged by Suffolk Poetry Society and led by Tamar Yoseloff, as part of the ¡Cornucopia! Alde Valley Autumn Festival. 
  • Christmas poem, 'Emmanuel's Love' [20/2018], included in Merry Christmas, Everyone, a seasonal anthology produced by the Association of Christian Writers (edited by Wendy H. Jones, Amy Robinson and Jane Clamp, 2018).
September 2018
  • First Prize in Metverse Muse Fixed Form 'Ottava Rima' Contest (Category A), adjudicated by an international jury, including Bernard M. Jackson from the UK. Winning poem: 'Vermeer’s Masterpiece, 'The Artist in his Studio (Allegory of Painting)' [1/2018].
  • 'Rainbows and Welsh Cakes' [13/2017] published by Dr. H. Tulsi in Metverse Muse #51-53.
  • 'An Island for Avocets' [20/2015] published by Ronnie Goodyer of Indigo Dreams Publishing for Reach Poetry #240.
July and August 2018
  • Two poems accepted by Ronnie Goodyer of Indigo Dreams Publishing for Reach Poetry. 
  • Poem accepted by Carole Baldock of Orbis (and Kudos
May and June 2018
April 2018
  • I was one of the readers representing Suffolk Poetry Society at our event with Poetrywivenhoe, Border Crossings II, at the University of Suffolk on Wed. 25 April. Our theme of 'Conflict and Resolution' was interpreted widely. My set comprised the following poems: 'et in terra pax' [25/2016], 'Climate Change' [17/2017], 'Lost' (about Edward Thomas) [6/2017], 'A Lesson from Homer' [29/2003] and 'Mah Jong: Clattering Sparrow' [12/2005].
March 2018
  • Towards the light (edited by Vivien Whelpton and produced by Pam Job and Judith Wolton), containing my poem, 'et in terra pax' [25/2016], was launched at the Essex Book Festival, Colchester. (Sadly the snow prevented a number of contributors from attending the reading...)
  • Metverse Muse Golden Jubilee Issue has just arrived from India. It includes a number of my poems - 'Words from the Hygroscope' [18/2017], 'On Emily's Moor' [13/2004], 'Afternoon with Alfred Wallis in St Ives' [1/2000], 'Dragonfly Dance' [13/2013], 'Mapping You' [6/2015], 'From the Shepherd's Hut, Sutton Hoo' [20/2015] and 'A Wand of Willow' [14/2016]
  • 'To a Mermaid' [21/20117] has been awarded First Prize in 'Category A' for the Metverse Muse Burns Stanza Fixed Form Competition, adjudicated by an international jury, including Bernard M. Jackson from the UK. 
  • 'Climate Change' [17/2017], has been published in Star Tips (ed. Wendy Webb, #124).

February 2018
  • My poem, 'Elegy for Idris Davies' [55/2001], is one of the featured poems for February on the Second Light website - here.  
  • My poet profile for Suffolk Poetry Society has been posted here

January 2018
  • My poem, 'Land of the Wandering Snail' [27/2017], (about the habitat of the Wandering Snail, Lymnaea peregra aka Radix peregra), will feature in the Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust's 2018 Adult Education volume on the reserves at Simpson's Fromus Valley and Orchid Glade. Tim Gardiner's poem won the adult competition and my poem was commended along with two others.  The judges were Kaaren Whitney, Poet-in-Residence for the reserves, and Suffolk Poetry Society Chair, Florence Cox. 

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