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Poetry Summary (2013)

 2 0 1 3  D I A R Y 
At Invisible Architecture, The Roundhouse, Camden (March 2013)

Editors and others: if you see a poem title on this blog that might fit with an anthology theme or be of interest in some way, please feel free to contact me via the comments box or via the email on my profile page here. Thank you.

December 2013:
  • 'Elegy for Idris Davies' [55/2001] (in The Holy Place) was one of four 'Commended' poems in the December round of the SecondLight 'Poem of the Month' competition. Judge: Wendy French. 
  • Attended launch of 'Glass Cases & Curios', edited by Karen Harvey and 2013 Fenland Laureate, Leanne Moden. The event took place in the Cambridge University Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences on 5 December. I read 'Tide Mill Log Book, 1880' (19/2013) about a cat in the Tide Mill Living Museum, Woodbridge. 
  • 'Meteor Shower' [20/2013] published in Slants of Light. The poem was shortlisted in the 2013 Paragram Competition. Judge: Adrienne Dines.
  • My 4-word story, 'Jupiter | basket | today | creature', has been published in 'Four Word Stories', edited by Mai Black Ipswich Writing Group.
  • 'The Bumblebee Bat'  [16/2008] and 'Glossy Ibis near Welney' [20/2013] published in 'Flight', the Tuesday Poetry anthology for 2013, edited by Jean Salkilld.  

November 2013:
  • 'Letter from the Bush' [7/2012] (about the rhino) published in #182 of Reach Poetry, Indigo Dreams Publishing.
  • Attended session by Neil Astley on poetry publishing, 'How to get published - or not', at Writers' Centre Norwich. 
  • Attended Aldeburgh Poetry Festival (a workshop on translation by Sasha Dugdale; Craig Raine on Christopher Logue; a reading sponsored by Ink, Sweat and Tears, given by D. Nurske).  
  • Orizont Literar Contemporan 5 (37) contains my edited feature on two aspects of eastern literary life, namely [1] Norwich, UNESCO City of Literature and Writers' Centre Norwich (with thanks to Chris Gribble) and [2] Aldeburgh Poetry Festival (with thanks to Naomi Jaffa). 

October 2013:
  • 'Otter Watch' [9/2011] came Second (£15) in the readers' votes, listed in the October issue of Reach Poetry #181, Indigo Dreams Publishing.  
  • Read 'Master of Arts' [7/2006] from 'The Holy Place' at Arlington's, the Ipswich Poetry Cafe, on 1 October. 
  • Received a contributor copy of Sweet Dreams: 1980s Newcastle (edited by Anna Flowers and Vanessa Histon, Tyne Bridge Publishing,2013).  
  • Received a contributor copy of Shabdaguchha #59/60, containing my article, 'An International Celebration of Literary Adventure: Shabdaguchha marks its 15th Anniversary'.  
  • 'The Bumblebee Bat' [16/2008] (from The Holy Place) and 'Glossy Ibis near Welney' [15/2013] to appear in Tuesday Poets' annual anthology.
  • Attended The Poetry of Things event at the Cambridge Museum of Classical Archaeology, in celebration of the Thresholds Project as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. The participating poets were Sean Borodale, Gillian Clarke, Imtiaz Dharker, Jo Shapcott, in conversation with Steve Connor, Grace 2 Professor of English in the University of Cambridge and Isobel Armstrong, Emeritus Professor of English at Birkbeck College, University of London.   
September 2013:
  • 'Meteor Shower' [20/2013] shortlisted in the 2013 Paragram Competition. Judge: Adrienne Dines.
  • Took part in the Strata Florida 'Poets and Princes' event, which included the launch of 'Poetry from Strata Florida' (ed. Martin Locock, Carreg Ffylfan Press 2013). My reading featured '1st May: Red Kite from Strata Florida' [10/2008] (which is in the anthology), 'Monte Testaccio: Mound of Potsherds' [53/2003] and 'Elegy for Idris Davies' (which are in The Holy Place).
  • 'Otter Watch' [9/2011] published in #180 of Reach Poetry. Read out at Arlington's Poetry Cafe.
  • 'Tide Mill Log Book, 1880' [19/2013] accepted for publication in Young Curators' volume of poetry about museum artefacts in East Anglia. 
  • Visited Free Verse Poetry Book Fair at Conway Hall in Bloomsbury, London ... and attended a poetry workshop, 'The Twilight of the Iguana', led by Simon Barraclough, laid on by the Poetry School.   
  • Attended the 2013 Poetry Society Annual Lecture, 'Stammering, Stops, Silence: On the Method and Uses of Untranslation' by Anne Carson on 27 Sept. 2013 in the British Museum. 

Reading at the 'Poetry from Strata Florida' Launch, Sept. 2013

August 2013:
  • 'A Chink in the Sky' [3/2010], poem about puffins published in FreeXpresSion, August 2013, ed. Peter Pike, Sydney, Australia.
  • 'Glossy Ibis near Welney' [15/2013] makes The Box and receives 4th Place in the  Reach Poetry vote. 
  • Read 'Elegy for Idris Davies' [55/2001] at Halesworth Poetry Event in Walpole Old Chapel.   
  • Attended Aldeburgh Poetry Prom at Snape Maltings on 21 August. Guest poets ... Wendy Cope, David Constantine and Kay Ryan.
July 2013:
  • Facilitated a poetry workshop on the theme of 'The Ocean of Our Lives' (a quotation from Longfellow), Ipswich Waterfront. 
  • Read 'Monte Testaccio: Mound of Potsherds' [53/2003] to the DigVentures team of archaeologists on the 'Saints and Secrets' excavation at Leiston Abbey.
  • 'Literally, for this' [8/2011], a poem in memory of Edward Thomas, accepted by editor, Stephen Boyce, for publication in an anthology initiated by Judith Wolton and Pam Job on the theme of 'conflict'. The book will to mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War I.  
  • 'Glossy Ibis near Welney' [15/2013] published in the July edition of Reach Poetry, edited by Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling of Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd.
  • 'The Ceilidh House' [47/2009] and 'Preseli Blue' [33/2005] published in FreeXpresSion (History and Freedom issue), July 2013, Volume XX, Issue No. 7, ed. Peter Pike, Sydney, Australia. 
  • is a listed site in the PoetryKit newsletter for July. 
June 2013:
  • 'For the Love of Long Ears' [22/2012] included in WWT Welney anthology, Words for Wide Skies, thanks to selectors at Atelier East and Fen Laureate 2012, Elaine Ewart.
  • Read 'Coat Collage' [17/2012], a Tercet Ghazal, at Arlington's in Ipswich for the Poetry Cafe Evening (4 June 2013) on the ekphrastic theme of 'Word and Image'. 
May 2013:
  • Co-led a workshop on 'Metaphor and Extended Metaphor in Poetry' at the Ipswich Writing Group, Gainsborough Community Library, Ipswich (23 May).
  • '1st May: Red Kite at Strata Florida' [10/2008] published in 'Poetry from Strata Florida' ed. Martin Locock, Carreg Ffylfan Press (2013)
  • 'King of the River' [18/2011], 'A Meerkat Moonscape' [10/2004], 'Boat House Cat' [38/2003] and  published in The Mortal Man edited by Jae-Alexander Lindsey. This book is a fund-raiser for The National Autistic Society, and is in memory of David Thomas Webb. 
  • Haiku 'dockbound...' [118/2001] published in Kamesan's World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation (ed. Dimitar Anakiev, Slovenia, 2013). 
  • Read 'Tube Acrostic' [10/2002] at Arlington's Poetry Cafe, Ipswich, 7 May 2013 for an evening entitled 'Transports of Delight'. 
  • 'Hearts to Heaven' [32/2012] included in 'Ascension Day Poems', a leaflet prepared by Dr Elizabeth Cook, Cathedral Writer-in-Residence at Bury St Edmunds, in response to an ECAT session led by Michael Symmons Roberts.   

April 2013: 

  • 'Migrant Hawker' [23/2012] appears in Heart Shoots, edited by Ronnie Goodyer of Indigo Dreams Publishing Ltd. The anthology is being sold to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. £2 from each copy sold goes to the charity.  
  • My website is now listed on the Poetry kit - and my sestina, 'The Figure at the Phoenix Mine' [23/2005], is Poem of the Week on the Poetry kit blog (ed. Jim Bennett).  
  • I have listed two reviews of The Holy Place here. Copies are £3.50 inc. p&p in the UK.  
  • 'Poems from Norfolk and Suffolk', a feature including twelve sample poems, has been published in Orizont Literar Contemporan (editor-in-chief, Daniel Dragomirescu), An VI - Nr. 2 (34) March-April 2013 issue. The sample poems were by Mike Bannister, Anne Boileau, Helen Ivory, Rosalynde Price, David Gill, Wendy Webb, Lynn Woollacott, Cameron Self, James Knox Whittet, Sue Wallace-Shaddad, Ivor Murrell and Heidi Williamson. The feature also included a section on Norwich, UNESCO City of Literature (Chris Gribble) and Aldeburgh Poetry Festival (Naomi Jaffa). 
  • Read my Stonehenge poem, 'Preseli Blue' [33/2005], at Arlington's Poetry Cafe, 2 April 2013. 

 March 2013:

  • Three samples of my work featured in the Invisible Architecture Installation at The Roundhouse, Camden, London, as a celebration of World Poetry Day. The cross-cultural Installation was curated by Nichol Keene of Antlers Press. The samples selected were (1) my chapbook, The Holy Place, co-authored with John Dotson, (2) the recent Antologia, edited by Daniel Dragomirescu, editor of Orizont Literar Contemporan from Romania and (3) an audio mp3 file of my recording of 'Turner's Loch Coruisk, Skye' [24/2009]. Visited the Installation on 23 March 2013.
  • Read 'In Search of Wales' [23/2001] at Arlington's Poetry Cafe, 5 March 2013, for St David's Day. 
  • 'Day-Dreaming at Clouds Hill' [29/2002] featured on the Orizont Literar Contemporan site here. It has also appeared in English and Romanian (thanks to the editor's translation) in Orizont Literar Contemporan magazine (An VI - Nr. 1 (33) / January-February 2013). The title in Romanian is 'Reverie La Clouds Hill'.
  • 20 March: took part in first student-run poetry workshop at UCS, a joint venture between the UCS English subject area and the Suffolk Poetry Society.   

February 2013: 

  • Transmission on 23 February and 27 February at 10pm of 'Turner's Loch Coruisk, Skye' [24/2009] and 'Waves' [26/2009] on Radio Feebs
  • 'The Ceilidh House' [47/2009] is the featured poem on the Poetry Snapshots section of Joanna Ezekiel's site, 'My Delayed Reactions'. The poem can also be found in The Holy Place, and copies of this chapbook can be purchased (£3.50 inc. UK p&p) via the email on my site here.  
  • Read 'Waves' [26/2009], on 5 February 2013 at Arlington's Poetry Cafe on 5 February2013 .
  • Attended 'Words good enough to eat: theology in and through poetry' by Dr. Nicola Slee, Research Fellow and Poet, Queen's College, Birmingham (Suffolk Theology Forum, Ipswich, 6 February 2013). 
  • 'Cornish Evening' [2/1987] (a Sonnet) and 'Arnside: Waiting for the Bore' [22/2002] (a Villanelle) published in The Gift of Form: a Pocket Guide to Formal Poetry (Oak Tree Press 2013) by John Brantingham. 

January 2013: 

  • Read 'The Ice Maiden of Zennor' [1/2009] from The Holy Place at Arlington's Poetry Cafe on 8 Jan 2013. 
  • 'Homeless Hound' [3/2007] published in 'TIPS for Writers' (Jan/Feb 2013 issue, ed. Wendy Webb).
  • Attended writing workshop at UCS led by Geraldine Green, followed by Open Mic at which I read 'Rhossili: writing The Worm' [5/2003] (from The Holy Place) and 'Arnside Bore' [39/2005].    
  • Led poetry workshop (24 Jan 2013) on 'Holes and Gaps' at Gainsborough Community Library, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. 

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