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Poetry Summary (2012)

December 2012:
  • 'Migrant Hawker' [23/2012] has been accepted for publication in Heart Shoots (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2013). The anthology is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. 
  • Half column about The Holy Place in the Members' News section of Writing Magazine (issue for January 2013, but out now).
  • Photography: [1] 'Mumbles in the Snow' [CG/002], my wintry photo on the Golau Cancer Foundation homepage. [2] Also a photo 'Swansea, looking towards Mumbles, and across the Severn Estuary to the snowy hills of Exmoor' [CG/0422], produced in conjunction with students under Paul Hazel, Swansea Metropolitan University, and used as the cover of a Christmas CD,'Christmas Carol Concert' for Dunvant Male Choir.  
  • 'Strayed Sheep [Our English Coasts]' [24/2012] has been selected from the competition entries for publication in the 2013 Pre-Raphaelite Society competition anthology. 
  • Transmission of 'Turner's Loch Coruisk, Skye' [24/2009] and 'Waves' [26/2009] on Radio Feebs.  
  • Read 'Christmas Capers' [32/2012] and 'The Poet in Winter' [29/2007, about Dylan Thomas at Laugharne] at Arlington's Poetry Cafe. 

November 2012:

  • My poem,'Ode to Our Treasure Keepers' [7/2005], was posted on the 'Writers for Libraries' site. 
  • Read from 'The Holy Place' on Ipswich Community Radio on Friday 16 November (Ipswich Community Radio/ICR 105.7FM on the Friday Breakfast Show at 9.20 a.m.). The poems I read included 'Isabella Tiger Moth greets the Woolly Bear Caterpillar' [42/2009], 'Lament of Lewis Chessman' [20/2010], 'Preseli Blue' [33/2005]. I also read 'Koala Bear' [1/1972]
  • Suffolk Launch of 'The Holy Place' at Arlington's in Ipswich, UK, during the Poetry Cafe Evening on Tuesday 6 November, 7pm (small admission fee to Poetry Cafe). 
  • 5 of my poems featured on Ipswich Community Radio Breakfast Show, 9 November 2012 (ICR, 105.7FM). The poems in question were ...'The Bumblebee Bat' [16/2008], 'Isabella Tiger Moth greets the Woolly Bear Caterpillar' [42/2009], 'Ice Maiden of Zennor' [1/2009], 'The Ocean’s Tears' [7/2010] and 'Sea Scribe' [24a/2009]. These all feature in my chapbook, 'The Holy Place'.
  • Took part in ECAT workshop day with Michael Symmons Roberts, the Cathedral, Bury St Edmunds, 10 November 2012.

October 2012:
  • 'Haiku: dockbound' [118/2001] has been included in 'Kamesan's World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violation' compiled by Dimitar Anakiev, with artwork by Kuniharu Shimizu. The anthology, which will be published in 2013, contains Haiku from 45 countries (6 continents), written in 34 languages including English.  
  • 'Thalatta, Thalatta' [18/2008] listed as an example of Folding Mirror Poetry on Professor Lewis Turco's 'Form of the Week' page ... here. 
  • Foreword, 'The Palindrome Poem and Folding Mirror Poetry: Some Introductory Thoughts', published in Dr Marc Latham's book and eBook for Kindle, '242 Mirror Poems and Reflections' (2012). 
  • Read 'Rock Art at Cresswell Crags' [8/2006] at Arlington's Poetry Cafe, Ipswich 
  • Poetry Workshop delivered on 25 October to writing group at Gainsborough Community Library, Ipswich, on the theme of 'Creatures of the Night'.
  • 'Follow the Star' [36/2010] published in 'TIPS for Writers' #92 (ed. Wendy Webb, 2012) 
  • Attended 'Now all Roads lead to France', a talk about the last years of Edward Thomas by Matthew Hollis, organised by the Suffolk Poetry Society.
  • Attended workshops by Valerie Bloom (Form) and David Wheatley at the Aldeburgh Poetry Festival. Took copies of 'The Holy Place' for the Festival Bookstall.  
 September 2012:
  • 'Coat Collage' [17/2012] poem and original artwork accepted for the forthcoming Ekphrastic Issue of The Ghazal Page (ed. Gino Peregrini)  
  • Read from 'The Holy Place' at Gainsborough Community Library, Ipswich (20 Sept 2012, writing workshop) ... 'Elegy for Idris Davies' [55/2001] and 'Isabella Tiger Moth greets the Woolly Bear Caterpillar' [42/2009].  
  • Submitted three poems for Antologia 3, Orizont Literar Contemporan, Romania ('Daydreaming at Clouds Hill' [29/2002] about Lawrence of Arabia, 'Trade Winds' [33/2009] about slavery and '1st May: Red Kite at Strata Florida' [10/2008])

August 2012:
  • Read from my chapbook, 'The Holy Place', co-authored with John Dotson, and published by The Seventh Quarry Press in 2012 (ed. Peter Thabit Jones) in conjunction with Cross-Cultural Communications of New York (ed. Stanley H. Barkan). Series: number 5 in 'Poet to Poet' series. Date - 22 August. Venue - 5 Cwmdonkin Drive, Dylan Thomas Birthplace, Swansea.
  • 'Cuckoo Song' [22/2009] published in The Dawntreader, #019 Summer 2012, about the Scottish poet, William Ross. 
  • Read 'Shaft of Light, Circle of Stone' [23/2002] (about Barbara Hepworth's studio in St Ives) at Arlington's Poetry Cafe in Ipswich - on the theme of 'Found'.  

July 2012 
  • Awarded title of 'Best Fixed Form Poet 2011' by Metverse Muse (ed. Dr. H. Tulsi, Visakhapatnam, India, Founder-Leader of the World Renaissance for Classical Poetry). My winning poems were a Terzanelle, 'King of the Kilt Rock Cloud' [28/2010] (about Kilt Rock on Skye) and a Rubai, 'Life's Silken Thread' [27/2010]
  • 'Vagrant Emperor' [1/2012] published in 'Cornwall - an anthology of poetry and photographs' (editor Les Merton, photography by Angelicia) ISBN 978-1-906845-38-4
  • 'Haiku: a dark day' [12/2012] was voted 7th in the 3rd International Haiku Kukai (kigo: rainbow) ... here on 'Catching the Moment'. Organisers, Rita Odeh (Nazareth) and John Daleiden. There were 145 haiku from 59 haijin, representing 16 countries.
  • 'Haiku: rain outside' [15/2012] was voted 10th Equal in the 4th International Haiku Kukai (kigo: forget-me-not) here on 'Catching the Moment'. Organisers, Rita Odeh (Nazareth) and John Daleiden. There were 124 haiku from 54 haijin, representing 21 countries.
  • Had an Olympic Games couplet on the #relaypoem Twitter list and on the Poetry Society website (for 31 July, now removed!) 
  • Read 'Topsy Turvy' [40/2005] (written for Disability Arts in Swansea) and 'Blue Monkeys of Thera' [26/2004] at Arlington's Poetry Cafe in Ipswich - on the theme of '(Olympic) flame'.  
  • 'On Emily's Moor' [13/2004] features on the Brontë Blog to mark what would have been Emily Brontë's 194th birthday on 30 July 2012 

June 2012:
  • Received advance copies of Poet to Poet #5: The Holy Place by John Dotson and Caroline Gill (see: POET TO POET CHAPBOOK SERIES, published by Peter Thabit Jones of THE SEVENTH QUARRY SWANSEA POETRY MAGAZINE and Stanley H. Barkan of CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONS, NEW YORK)
  • 'Haiku: a robin ...' [6/2012] here in the 'Rain Water' edition of the Asahi Haikuist Network (ed. David McMurray) on The Asahi Shimbun newsite from Japan.  
  • 'Observations from the Hide' [11/2011] published in A Pocket Full of Spring Fever (ed. Sue Kendrick).
  • 'Moonshine' [35/2010] (about the Snowy Owl who landed in Zennor in 2008) published in 'Poetry Cornwall / Bardhonyeth Kernow' #34 (ed. Les Merton). Poem read at IpArt PoetryFest.  
 May 2012: 
April 2012:  
  • Entered three Haiku, 'snowflakes ...' [2/2012], 'a gust ...' [3/21012] and 'chestnut smoke' [4/2012], in the 1st International “sparrow” Kukai organised by Rita Odeh from Nazareth and John Daleiden fromCatching the Moment.
  • Read 'Swansong' [2/2003] at Arlington's Poetry Cafe.  
  • My interview (interviewer, Jonathan Hodgins) on How to Write Christian Poetry in 'The Treasury', April 2012. 
March 2012:
  • Attended a course by Catherine Dell on 'How to Give a Reading'
  • 'Harmony in Fragmentation' (after 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' by Seurat)[19/2001] voted Readers' Second Choice in Reach Poetry 161, ed. Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling, IDP.  
  • 'Through the Door of Wishful Thinking' [2/2000] and 'Dartmoor: Call of the Wild' [10/2000] have been published in Ten Forward, the anthology to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Carillon magazine, edited by Graham Rippon.
  • 'A Flicker, A Flash' [1/2004], 'On Emily's Moor' [13/2004], and 'Afternoon with Alfred Wallis in St Ives' [1/2000] have been published in the second Antologia Revistei Orizont Literar Contemporan /Contemporary Literary Horizon Anthology (edited by Daniel Dragomirescu, Bucharest, Romania, 2012). My poems have been translated into Romanian by Iulian Daniel Trandafir and Teodora Gheorghe of MTTLC, Universitatea din Bucureti. The poems appear in Romanian as 'O Licarire, O Fulgerare' [1/2004], 'In Ţinutul lui Emily' [13/2004], and 'O După Amiază Cu Alfred Wallis in St Ives' [1/2000]  
  • 'Evening at Elgol, Isle of Skye' [14/2011] published in The Dawntreader issue 018 (ed. Dawn Bauling and Ronnie Goodyer, IDP). 
  • 'Dialoguri Multiculturale': Caroline Gill interviews Creative Writing Professor, Donald Riggs of Drexel University. Tagline: 'Myth provides the deep structures on which our Literature is written, consciously or not' published in Orizont Literar Contemporan/ Contemporary Literary Horizon magazine (edited by Daniel Dragomirescu, Bucharest, Romania, 2012).  
  • 24 March 2012: attended 'The Route Towards a First Collection' course, led by Bloodaxe poet, Heidi Williamson
February 2012: 
  • 'Elegy for Idris Davies' [55/2001], 'Preseli Blue' [33/2005] and 'Swansong' [2/2003], have been published (here) in the online (and print) edition of Shabdaguchha, (number 53/54, Vol. 14 no. 1/2, July - Dec 2011) ed. Hassanal Abdullah) in a section prepared by Peter Thabit Jones on 'Welsh Poets'.  
  • Harmony in Fragmentation' (after 'Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte' by Seurat)[19/2001] published in Reach Poetry 161, ed. Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling, IDP
January 2012: 
  • 'Prawn Madras' [24/2010] (a Clang, form devised by Llewelyn Hugh Nicholas), 'Echo on the Nile'[6/2008] (a Bref Double with Echo) and 'Thalatta! Thalatta!' [18/2008] (Folding Mirror Poem, form devised by Dr Marc Latham) are published as sample poems in 'The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics Including Odd and Invented Forms' by Lewis Putnam Turco, 4th edition, University Press of New England (UPNE), 2012 
  • 'Egret on the Loughor Estuary' [28/2004] (first published in The Seventh Quarry, ed. Peter Thabit Jones): part of this poem appears as a quotation in 'Rivers of Britain' (Adlard Coles Nautical, 2012) by Stuart Fisher. 
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