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Published Poetry and CV (2022)




Details of my first full poetry collection, Driftwood by Starlight (The Seventh Quarry Press, 2021), can be found here



My entry for the Hedgehog Poetry Press 'Wee Collection Challenge' has won First Prize, and will be published in 2023.

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I am delighted to find my poetry blog included once again on Matthew Stewart's Rogue Strands List of Best UK Poetry Blogs for 2022. Thank you, Matthew. 



Details of my poetry publications and a summary of my poetry awards can be found here

2012: The Holy Place, Launch and Reviews - here 

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Details of poems published in 2021 can be found here.  

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January 2023

  • 'My Absence, Your Winter' [26-2015] has been published in Reach Poetry #289. Update: the poem took Second Place in the Readers' Vote for this issue.
  • 'Harvest Blues' [45-2009], 'Knight's Island, Slebech' [15-2017], 'Sandy Pylos' [27-2012] and 'Aesop's Frogs' [22-2018] have been published in #75 of Metverse Muse (ed. Dr. H. Tulsi). 'Daffodils and Chiming Bells' [22-2022] was awarded First Place (Category A) in the Metverse Muse Fixed Form (Davidian) Poetry Competition.



December 2022

  • 'One Man's River' [33-2021] is among four winning poems in the Suffolk Flora Preservation Trust Chairman's Challenge of 2022 for an acrostic sonnet. 
  • I have just completed the online Poetry School course, 'Reading and Writing Robert Frost', tutored by Jodie Hollander
  • 'The Ceilidh House' [47-2009], published in Driftwood by Starlight, will feature on Unless a Seed on 10 December 2022.



November 2022

  • 'Basking Shark Blues' [10-2021] has been published in the new Indigo Dreams Publishing anthology, Voices For The Silent, to aid the work of the League Against Cruel Sports. 
  • 'Nature and Nurture' [11-2021] has been published in #287 of Reach Poetry, Indigo Dreams Publishing. 
  • Took part in Polly Atkin's Poetry in Aldeburgh workshop. 



October 2022


  • I read 'Puffin's Assembly' [15-2016] at the South Lookout, Aldeburgh beach, for the SPS National Poetry Day event.  
  • I made the Shortlist for the Candlestick Press Almanac, Twelve Poems for 2023 Competition. Poems submitted: [30-2022] and [32-2022].
  • 'Elegy for Idris Davies' [55-2001] is one of the poems selected for October on the SecondLight website, and can be viewed here. The poem got an oblique mention in The Guardian when it was first published in The Seventh Quarry - see here.
  • Parts One to Five of my Poetry Q&A have now been posted by Thomas Whyte on his Poetry Mini Interviews site here
  • 'Stars in Suburbia' [27-2022] has been published here on Lidia Chiarelli's LUCI PER LA CITTÀ / Lights for the City site, part of a Festival of Lights, which is itself a tribute to Guido Chiarelli (1902-1982) on the 120th anniversary of his birth.

September 2022

  • 'Navigating Knapdale' [26-2022] has been published in Reach Poetry (Indigo Dreams Publishing) in response to Ronnie Goodyer's Terza rima sonnet challenge.
  • Parts One and Two of my Poetry Mini Interview have been posted. The interview has been conducted in five parts by Thomas Whyte.
  • 'Stars in Suburbia' [27-2022] has been published on Lidia Chiarelli's Lights for the City site which commemorates her father, Guido Chiarelli (1902-1982) on the 120th anniversary of his birth. Guido Chiarelli is celebrated as the man who illuminated Turin with his futuristic designs in the 1950s and 1960s
  • 'January Joy' [48-2003] and 'Demoiselle Dance' [25-2022] have been published in Metverse Muse #73 and 74 (India). 'To a Purple Emperor Butterfly' [10-2022] came 2nd (Category A) in the Metverse Muse Fixed Form Petrarchan Sonnet Contest. 
  • Two poems, [11-2021] and [26-2015], have been accepted for publication in Reach Poetry (Indigo Dreams Publishing). 


August 2022

  • My poem, 'Invitation' [15-2022], is up on Instagram (here as a video) as part of the Festival of Suffolk. Members of Suffolk Poetry Society are reading their Festival poems during August. 


July 2022

  • My review of Where Shadows Stir by Byron Beynon has been published in The Seventh Quarry (Summer/Autumn 2022). You can buy the collection here.


June 2022

  • A review by Dilys Wood of Driftwood by Starlight has been published in Artemis (Second Light journal). 
  • My poem, 'The Border' [20-2022], has been published in the anthology, Hope for Ukraine (Tim Saunders Publications, 2022). All the proceeds from the sale of the anthology are being donated to the Sunflower of Peace Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to helping Ukrainians affected by the horrific invasion.


May 2022


  • My poem, 'Basking Shark Blues' [10-2021], has been accepted for publication in the second IDP anthology of Voices for the Silent.
  • My poem, 'Blubber, Fin and Tails' [13-2022], has been selected by Hannah Ellis and Mab Jones for the 'Love the Words' #DylanDay 2022 international eBook - here
  • Another #DylanDay poem, 'Tide Notes' [16-2022], has been included in Lidia Chiarelli's 2022 presentation - here (and scroll down to the seventh piece).
  • I read 'Isabella Tiger Moth Greets the Woolly Bear Caterpillar' [42-2009] on the ACW TRELLIS Zoom, 14 May, on the theme of 'change'. The poem is in my collection, Driftwood by Starlight
  • My poem, 'To a Roman Mouse from Vindolanda' [15-2021], published in Metverse Muse #967-69, has won me Joint First Prize with Catherine Lee in Category A of the Metverse Muse Fixed Form (Shakespearean Sonnet) Contest. 
  • Not a poem, but my Redwing photograph features on the cover of The Gloucester Fragments (Littoral Press), a new collection by Neil Leadbeater.  
  • My poem, 'The Border' [20-2022], has been accepted for publication in the Hope for Ukraine anthology,to be published by Tim Saunders.


April 2022


  • My poem, 'Leaf-cutter Bee' [20-2020], has been published in Reach Poetry #282 (Indigo Dreams Publishing) for April 2022.


March 2022


  • My poem, 'Et in terra pax' [25-2017], was recorded for UCB Radio (Ireland). 
  • 'Tide Notes' [16-2022] was published for #DylanDay 2022 on Lidia Chiarelli's site here (it is the sixth picture-poem on the page).


February 2022


  • My entry for the November 2021 Hedgehog Poetry Press 'Wee Collection Challenge' has won First Prize, and will be published. 
  • My poem, 'A Tale of Two Owls' [29-2015], has been published in #280 of Reach Poetry (Indigo Dreams Publishing).  
  • 19th February. I read 'Dunwich in Winter' [28-2020]  from Driftwood by Starlight at the ACW Trellis online poetry day. 


January 2022