Monday 28 December 2009

[2010] Section 2: Poetry in anthologies

Poems in Anthologies
  • September 2010: My two poems below have been published in 'Muse Clad in Costumes', an anthology to demonstrate poetic forms, edited by Bernard Jackson and produced by Dr H. Tulsi PhD (editor of Metverse Muse, Visakhapatnam, India), the result of a project suggested by the late R.S. Rangaswami.
    • 'The Winding Way' - as an example of the Kyrielle form in Muse Clad in Costumes. [16/2010]
    • 'Silver Spray: Glittered Gold' - as an example of the Virelai in Muse Clad in Costumes. [17/2010]

    Poems in Anthologies

    • 'A Stone Romance' [9/2006], 'Arboretum' [23/2003], 'Grace and Glory' [34/2010] and 'A Meerkat Moonscape' [10/2004] published in 'Tuesday Poetry Group Anthology', ed. Jean Salkilld (2010)   
    • 'A Chink in the Sky' (a puffin poem) for publication in the Writelink anthology, 'A Pocket Full of Spring Fever' (ed. Sue Kendrick). This poem was shortlisted for inclusion by judge, Magdalena (Maggie) Ball, in the Writelink 'Spring Fever' competition. [3/2010]
    • 'The Secret of the Dry Tree', published in 'A Waste Land' ed. Wendy Webb (Wendy Webb Books) [41/2009]

    • 'A Wilderness of Waves' (about Parson Hawker of Morwenstow) published in Wendy Webb's 'Mermaid's Tale' series, 'How the Mermaid lost her Voice’ (Wendy Webb Books, 2010). Previously published in REACH 110 - April 2007, (ed. Ronnie Goodyer, 2005) [18/2005]

    • 'The Ocean's Tears' (a Tercet Ghazal), in the new Summer Anthology from Indigo Dreams Publishing, Crab Lines Off The Pier (ed. Ronnie Goodyer and Dawn Bauling, IDP 2010).
      Paperback : Date of Publication : 1st June 2010
      Publisher : Indigo Dreams Publishing
      ISBN10 : 1907401210 - and - ISBN13 : 9781907401213
      Paberback, perfect bound, 90 pages. You can read about the anthology here on the Indigo Dreams Press website. Orders for the anthology (£7.50 per copy plus p&p) can be placed here on the Central Books site.
    • September 2010: Three of my poems have been published in publications by Wendy Webb:  
      • 'Sevenling (Zennor Fish Tale)' in The Mermaid's Mother & Sycorax (Wendy Webb Books, 2020).  [13/2010]
      • 'Zennor Voices' in The Mermaid's Mother & Sycorax (Wendy Webb Books, 2010). This poem had previously appeared in boho: bringing it all back home (Bluechrome, ed. Ronnie Goodyer).  [26/2004]
      • 'Waves' in A Mermaid's Tale of Xanadon't & Other Poems (Wendy Webb Books, 2010). This poem was first published on The Ghazal Page (ed. Gino Peregrini), and can be seen here [26/2009]

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