Friday 29 May 2009

[2009-2010] Other Writing: C. Articles

  • March 2011: Prose piece, 'My Godfather', in 'Memories - a Host of Golden Daffodils' (ed. Ann Cooke and Dr Ruth Jenkins).

  • May and June 2010: My joint piece with David (Gill), HMS Belvidera and the Temple of Minerva, was published on 20 April 2010 via the Oxford University Press 'Notes and Queries Advance Access' scheme. You can login via Athens if you are part of an academic community. The print journal was published in June, and is available to all. We consider the iconographical details on a marble book, and link these to HMS Belvidera and the Parthenon c.1832, when King Otto was crowned ruler of Greece. You may like to read my blog post here.

    • D.W.J. Gill and C. Gill, 'HMS Belvidera and the Temple of Minerva', Notes and Queries, New Series, Vol. 57. No.2 (June 2010): 199-210 
       N.B. Please see below for earlier OUP Notes and Queries publication.*

    • 'How does your garden grow?' Bethesda magazine, Burry Green, July 2009 (editor E. Jenkins)
    • 'Echo from the West' Poetry Cornwall/Bardhonyeth Kernow issue 26 (editor Les Merton)
    • 'Holy Child: a carol for Christmas' the Treasury, vol.XXXIV, no.11, December 2009

    * Pre 2008
    • David Gill and Caroline Gill, 'Leaving Town' and 'Swedes': Edward Thomas and Amen-Hotep, Notes and Queries 50 (2003), 325-327. [On-line from Oxford University Press]

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